The Best Places to Rent Your Gear on 30A

May 21, 2024

When you visit 30A, you will probably require some equipment. Biking, Paddle Boarding, and Golf Carts are essential items that you will need when exploring The Beaches of South Walton. Here are some recommended vendors that we prefer!

Bikes: Peddlers 30A in Seacrest

Peddlers 30A is located in the Peddlers Pavilion in Seacrest Beach, making it a convenient stop for bike rentals and more. They offer a variety of bikes, including kids' bikes and tandem bikes. Peddlers 30A is a great choice if you’re looking to rent bikes as part of a larger day out, as the pavilion hosts various shops and eateries.

Peddlers 30A in Seacrest

Golf Carts: 30A Elite Carts

Located along the picturesque stretch of Florida's Scenic Highway 30A, 30A Elite Carts provides top-notch golf cart rentals, offering an exciting and convenient way to explore the area's beautiful beach towns.

30A Elite Carts boasts a diverse fleet of high-quality, street-legal golf carts. Their selection includes both 4-seater and 6-seater carts, accommodating various group sizes. Each cart is meticulously maintained to ensure safety and reliability, providing a smooth and enjoyable ride.

30A Elite Carts

Paddle Boards: YOLO Paddle Boards

YOLO Board is one of the premier paddle board rental services in the area. Known for its quality equipment, excellent customer service, and a deep connection to the local community, YOLO Board provides an outstanding paddle boarding experience. Here’s a comprehensive review of YOLO Paddle Board Rental.

Yolo Boards, 30A

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