Ice Cream at The Beach: Blue Mountain Beach Creamery

May 24, 2024

Tucked away in the picturesque town of Blue Mountain Beach, Florida, lies a sweet haven that's sure to tantalize the taste buds of anyone with a penchant for frozen delights. This beloved, family-run creamery has been doling out scrumptious treats since 2007, garnering a loyal following among both locals and visitors. Its idyllic setting, just a stone's throw from the breathtaking Gulf of Mexico, exudes a warm and welcoming ambiance that perfectly captures the essence of the coastal lifestyle. Be prepared to wait in line on balmy summer evenings, but trust us, the wait is well worth it!

Upon your arrival, you are immediately captivated by the charming pastel building that is home to the Creamery. Its colorful exterior is inviting and cheerful, beckoning you inside with its lively colors and delightful decorations. Inside, you will find an equally delightful atmosphere, with welcoming staff eager to greet you warmly and assist you in exploring their wide range of offerings.

At Blue Mountain Beach Creamery, artisanal ice cream is a labor of love, made with premium ingredients and a passion for quality. Their extensive menu boasts a diverse array of flavors, spanning timeless treats like vanilla and chocolate to innovative twists like Key Lime Pie and Butterfinger. Every decadent scoop is a testament to the creamery's dedication to refinement, overflowing with rich textures and vibrant flavors that have been honed to perfection over time.

A major draw of Blue Mountain Beach Creamery is the opportunity to treat yourself to their renowned waffle cones, freshly baked every day. With their delicate crunch and subtle sweetness, these cones serve as the ideal complement to your preferred ice cream flavor. The enticing aroma of hot-off-the-press waffle cones permeates the air, making it virtually impossible to resist the temptation to try one.

Blue Mountain Beach Creamery is not just an ice cream shop, but a cherished establishment that reflects the essence of Blue Mountain Beach. Its top-notch, handcrafted offerings, inviting ambiance, and warm customer service make it a popular spot that should be on everyone's list to visit in the region. Whether you reside nearby or are simply on vacation, a stop at the Creamery will undoubtedly leave you feeling happy and with fond memories!

Blue Mountain Beach Creamery is open daily from 11AM-9PM and is located at 2129 S Co Hwy 83 B, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

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